1. arXiv preprint
    Dynamical sweet spot engineering via two-tone flux modulation of superconducting qubits
    J. A Valery, S. Chowdhury, G. Jones, and N. Didier
    arXiv 2104.07835 (submitted to PRX Quantum)
  2. In prep.
    Onset of multi-stability for non-linear resonances of a driven oscillator: classical versus quantum regimes
    J. Venkatraman, X. Xiao, Y. Zhang, S. Chowdhury, and M. H. Devoret
  3. In prep.
    Engineering arbitrary two-mode Gaussian control interactions in a hybrid multimode device
    S. Chowdhury, M. Zhang, and L. Jiang


  1. arXiv preprint
    Interference-based universal decoupling and swapping for multimode bosonic systems
    M. Zhang, S. Chowdhury, and L. Jiang
    arXiv 2007.02385


  1. arXiv preprint
    Comparing weak and projective measurements for quantum state tomography of a single-qubit system
    S. Chowdhury
    arXiv 1711.03645